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Patient Satisfaction & Quality Assessment Programs

Quality care is not just a promise we make to our customers, or an expectation we have for our professionals—it is fundamental to the service we deliver.

The Medical Directors and Director of Clinical Quality for Aisthesis facilitate quality and patient satisfaction assessment programs for all of our partner centers. The programs include:

  • Anesthesia Observation Reporting & Benchmarking System – This system utilizes data forms that summarize observations of each patient pre-operatively, intra-operatively, post-operatively, and post discharge (24 – 48 hours). The post-discharge questions capture patient satisfaction data.
  • Incident Reporting System- This system captures detailed, qualitative information regarding occurrences, incidents, and
  • Ongoing Practice Review – Our anesthesia providers’ medical records and clinical practice are audited on a regular basis. Documentation results are made available to the relevant sites to verify compliance.
  • Peer review is performed for all of our providers. The results are part of the annual review of their clinical and professional performance.
  • Regular Clinical Meetings – Our anesthesia providers get together several times a year to discuss Clinical Policy , occurrences and incidents, Fides benchmarking data, the latest standard of care information, as well as best practices for risk management.

Overall, our quality systems allow us to evaluate the care our providers give, track and improve outcomes, and ultimately demonstrate the quality of our anesthesia services.

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