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Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

Quality care is not just a promise we make to our customers, or an expectation we have for our professionals—it is fundamental to the service we deliver.

Asithesis has in place each of the required elements of a Patient Safety Organization

  1. Efforts to improve patient safety and the quality of health care delivery;
  2.  Collection and analysis of patient safety work product including  patient experiences under our care;
  3. Development and dissemination of information with respect to improving patient safety, such as recommendations, protocols, or information regarding best practices;
  4. Using  patient safety feedback  to incentivise and encourage a culture of safety  to effectively minimize patient risk;
  5. Policy and training of all Aisthesis Members  to preserve confidentiality with respect to patient safety work product;
  6. The provision of appropriate security measures with respect to patient safety work product;
  7. Careful credentialing and ongoing professional performance surveillance of all Aisthesis Providers
  8. Activities related to the operation of a patient safety evaluation system and to the provision of feedback to participants in a patient safety evaluation system.


Clinical Data collection includes Patient Satisfaction surveys , a Qualified Clinical data registry tool for 100% of cases and  a traditional occurrence  reporting system.
Ongoing performance monitoring of Providers supplements the clinical data with regular documentation review and a 6 point annual performance assessment covering all aspects of delivery of care.
Monthly Feedback is to the Medical Board of Directors with regular feedback to providers though a weekly newsletter, occasional bulletins and regular clinical meetings.
Our Website offers realtime access to our Manual of Policies and procedures , our publications, news items and updates.
Provider competence and credentialing compliance is continuously monitored and we require completion of in-house training courses to cover the regulatory requirements for most centers.
Providers are incentivised through peer based and direct methods to incorporate patient care improvements into their practice.
Participating Centers also have access to a panel of their own and pooled relevant clinical and provider performance data

The Background for our reporting and quality efforts under MIPS are outlined Here

Aisthesis Core Values
Professional Care. Personal Touch.
Consistent Providers. Quality Care.
Data Driven Solutions. Optimal Operations.