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Practice Management

Aisthesis offers management services for new and existing client-owned anesthesia practices. Our services help our clients: save money, enhance quality of care, increase customer satisfaction, and improve efficiency across their anesthesia practice.

Maximizing Revenue Generation

We manage all aspects of the revenue cycle, including charge capture, coding, charge entry, tracking claims, confirming receipt of payment, and following up on denied claims. We regularly evaluate key metrics and benchmark them against peer practices to ensure financial success for our clients.

Recruiting, Credentialing & Scheduling

We secure a highly skilled anesthesia care team, composed of clinically experienced anesthesiologists and/or certified registered nurse anesthetists, to work in each center. We strategically match each anesthesia provider’s skills and personality with the facilities we have partnered with. We manage and maintain the credentialing for all anesthesia providers with third-party payers and each center.

Monitoring Practice Operations & Expenses

We help our partners find value and cost savings throughout their practice by reviewing their case volume, scheduling decisions, the payer mix of their patients, and other operational issues within their practice. Together, our executive team and on-site managers have helped many of our partners improve their operations and their bottom line.

Evaluating Clinical Care & Patient Satisfaction

We provide our partners with the infrastructure to assess the anesthesia care provided to patients, reinforcing positive outcomes and patient referrals. We also tabulate all of the data collected so that our partners can benchmark their performance for accreditation and quality control purposes.

Reporting on Performance

Aisthesis provides its clients with monthly reports including case volume, cash collection, accounts receivable, and other key revenue cycle management metrics. Additionally, we provide quarterly reports on observations regarding clinical care specific to each our clients and create tailored management reports to each client upon request.

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