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Patient Satisfaction Surveys – 2017

Patient experience surveys are an essential part of the service we provide.

We Survey the patients we care for twice each year – across the entire company
For 2017- June we will be distributing 6000 of these cards to the 30+ centers we serve

Each card has a unique identifier , is postage prepaid and has a link to an identical online survey for patients who prefer that .


Results and feedback

Patient experiences of our care will be regularly assessed by the board of clinical directors. Any actionable responses will immediately generate appropriate feedback and if necessary changes in our practice.

Results are analyzed by, center, by region and for the entire company . Center specific and pooled results will be available to participating individual centers on request, together with a historical comparison to past results.

Pertinent individual patient responses may be used for individual provider OPPE and in the annual provider performance assessment.
Pooled Center results  will also be attributed to each provider based on the % FTE worked at each center.( See Provider Performance page)




















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