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Provider Performance


We all have an interest in delivering excellent care and providing superlative service.  Our clients also need to be assured that we are meeting national standards for care and documentation as these  areas are checked periodically by licensing and certification agencies. Finally we should all be committed to making providing objective evidence that our company is the best.

To achieve these results we must measure each individual provider’s performance in several different ways, being objective wherever possible and providing the feedback to each.  In 2016, Aisthesis will be doing formal Provider Performance Appraisals and generating regular performance scores for each provider using data from the following six areas.


  1. Patient Care Survey (Spring 2016 Survey)
    Satisfied Patients are essential to our practice’s continued success. As consumers we are frequently invited to provide feedback in many areas of our lives; Healthcare nowadays is no different.  Surveying our patients can offer exceptional insight into how we are perceived and into how to improve our service. After piloting patient survey cards in the Winter, we have now forwarded the Spring surveys to every Aisthesis client center.  If you have not seen what the survey looks like, please see our website for an example as well as a description of how these cards are being completed and returned.  We have based this survey on both the CMS.gov patient surveys (https://cahps.ahrq.gov) and ASA recommended question format. The second 2016 survey is underway.
  2. Documentation Review – Medical
    Our complete and legible anesthesia records are an inescapable requirement for documenting quality patient care, demonstrating that we meet required National Standards, and receiving the appropriate reimbursement for all the care we provide. We will review 5 records from each provider twice in 2016 and score this documentation based on the required elements as laid out by CMS, The Joint Commission , AAAHC and ASA standards. The review scoreboard will be on the website and discussion of our documentation standards occurs at most clinical meetings. The Spring results by provider will be available by July 1st.  The Fall results completed  by year end.
  3. Productivity
    The productivity data has been assembled for the year 2016 . – the Graphs are here.
  4. Documentation Review – Reimbursement
    We will measure the documentation accuracy for successful reimbursement on first submittal  against the total number of cases the provider accomplished.
  5. Risk Management, Continuing Education and Teamwork

    Each provider is expected to report clinical incidents or problems through our QA system, and to avoid significant performance deficits.

Providers are  expected to attend regular clinical meetings and to be helpful, responsive, respectful and flexible with regard to scheduling.

These elements are important to our success as a company and the teamwork part subjective compared to the rest of the criteria. 



We hope each provider will take time to understand how these components are going to work, will review and use the results and feedback constructively and will score as high as possible in the future. We should all realize that in the world of performance surveys many factors play a part in the final results and that perfect scores are not always achievable.  However,  this consistency and effort to improved will pay off.



While the Performance Appraisal outlined above will be conducted for each Aisthesis anesthesia provider, employed providers who have executed their contracts as revised in April will be eligible for a bonus based on the results of this appraisal.  The amount of bonus will be prorated by the number of days the provider is typically assigned each pay period.  Employed providers will be divided into four quartiles based on the overall score of their Performance Appraisal and the bonus with vary in each of the quartiles respectively.  The actual award of the bonus will be made soon after all the data on the above six elements has been finalized.


Performance      Individual Provider pages



You will each soon have your own page. The web address will be https://www.aisthesispartners.com/hr-portal/provider-performance/individual-provider-page-(first name)(last name)-md/CRNA

example: https://www.aisthesispartners.com/hr-portal/provider-performance/individual-provider-page-scott-wiesenberger-md/

The password will be sent to each of you individually



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