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Provider Performance- calendar year 2017

We all have an interest in delivering excellent care and in providing superlative service.
Our clients also need to be assured that we are meeting national standards for care , documentation and ongoing evaluation of Providers ,as these  areas are checked periodically by licensing and certification agencies.
Finally we should all be committed to making providing objective evidence that our company is the best.

To achieve this Aisthesis measured the professional performance of providers, using  multiple metrics to ensure balance and to be as objective as possible.
Feedback from 2016 has  resulted in changes to improve the process:
The  criteria and weighting used for 2017 are here:


  1. Documentation Review – Medical
    Complete and legible anesthesia records are an inescapable requirement for documenting quality patient care, demonstrating that we meet required National Standards, and receiving the appropriate reimbursement for all the care we provide.
    We review 5 records from each provider in 2017 and scored this documentation based on the required elements as laid out by CMS, The Joint Commission , AAAHC and ASA standards.
  2. Productivity
    Provider productivity is scored to recognize those who work very long days or who have to provide care in high turn over centers where they may be seeing 15 or 20 cases a day.  The amount of billed anesthesia time and also the number of anesthesia cases performed, each as a proportion of the total  salaried time are worth up to 10 points.
  3. Documentation Review – Reimbursement
    Documentation accuracy for successful reimbursement is measured:
    —–Basic accuracy – such as signature , date &time , site /center, procedure and diagnosis-  needed to generate a charge is worth 11 points
    —–QCDR  page completion -necessary to achieve the CMS reporting threshold is worth 4points
  4. Peer Team Evaluation;
    Providers are scored on the following 7 elements by their Regional Clinical Director: Punctuality , Teamwork, Flexibility, Likability,  Attitude and professionalism, Skill set. Although these are subjective scores, each of the 7 elements is worth only 3 points.
  5. Company Participation:
    Providers are scored on clinical meeting attendance(7 points), on whether they complete the required online testing modules (8 points) and on whether they use and respond to aisthesispartners.com Friday letters( 6%).


The final scores are weighted into quartiles compared with peers in Aisthesis.  There will always be a top , upper middle, lower middle and low quartile.
All providers in Aisthesis are excellent whichever quartile they rank in .
Each provider should take time to understand how these components  work,  review and use the results and feedback constructively and to score as highly as possible in the future.
We should all realize that in the world of performance surveys many factors play a part in the final results and that perfect scores are not always achievable.  However,  consistency and effort to improve will pay off.

You can find your ranked position by applying to your medical director (click on the graph below for a full size version):




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