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Using Aisthesispartners.com Email on Mobile deivices

AistheisPartners E-Mail

Using Aisthesispartners.com Email on mobile devices


This year we will be requiring all providers to be using their company Email on a regular basis.

This means using your mobile phone or Ipad (IOS or Android) device to access Asithesispartners.com Email

We understand some of the issues that have made this difficult and we will be making changes to the service to allow password reminders and password reset to be possible directly on you device.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT try to use the built in Email programs in your devices for this. They are clunky , don’t work very well and can interfere with your other Email

DO USE either the Microsoft Outlook App or the Gmail App

These are most convenient  way of accessing aisthesispartners.com emails easily on phones .
These are available at both the Apple App store or the Google Playstore and are free.
They both make receiving , viewing composing etc. extremely easy

The steps needed to make either work on your phone are slightly involved
so we have created pages of installation instructions:

  • for Iphones;
  • For Androids ;



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