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Ambulatory & Office-Based Anesthesia

Aisthesis specializes in implementing custom anesthesia care teams and services to ambulatory surgery centers, and office based surgery facilities. We intentionally and carefully assemble a skilled and compassionate staff of anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists to provide superior care, particular to the needs of each center. Our providers are committed to administering the highest quality anesthesia care, customer service and a hospitable environment to the individual patient, the physicians, and the clinical support staff.

As a team, our management and anesthesia professionals encompass the highest value across clinical and administrative operations.

Identifying a Care Team

Aisthesis recognizes that each surgery center and practice has unique needs and qualities. To accommodate these particular characteristics, we work with our partners to create well-defined service plans and identify a core team of anesthesia providers for their centers.

Provider placement is determined by the specialty of the practice, expertise of the professional such as pediatrics or ultrasound guided blocks (essential for orthopedic surgery) and the overall context of each facility.

Our recruiting team identifies the candidates to work in each center and ensures that our partners participate in the selection process. We thoroughly review every individual who is hired to confirm that they possess not only clinical expertise, but also the positive attitude, professionalism, and an outstanding work ethic that reflects the reputation of Aisthesis.

Credentialing & Scheduling Anesthesia Providers

Credentialing for all anesthesia providers with third-party payers and each center is handled by our management team. Aisthesis hires fully qualified, skilled and compassionate clinicians to cover our partner’s need including any planned or unplanned Paid Time Off of our anesthesia providers. We strive to maintain 100% coverage for all cases, both elective and ‘add-ons’ of our partners surgical schedule. Our web-based software allows us to coordinate weekly schedules and provider assignments to each facility we serve.

Delivering Quality Care

At Aisthesis, excellent patient care and positive outcomes are of the utmost importance. Each of our busier facilities has a site manager to coordinate anesthesia operations and clinical excellence. Our site managers facilitate anesthesia quality assessments for the center, assist with supply and formulary orders, and participate in facility meetings and inspections, as needed. We consult with our clients regularly to ensure that we are meeting their current needs and can further accommodate their growth plans.

Screening Patients

To ensure patient safety and in an effort to reduce same day cancellations, our anesthesia staff is committed to screening patients preoperatively at each respective center. Providers are familiar with patient selection guidelines that outline the criteria for patients who are qualified to receive anesthesia in an outpatient setting. We share our guidelines with our centers and can facilitate the screening process with patient phone calls, and chart reviews as needed. Additionally, we can offer post-operative services to help our clients fulfill the post-procedure patient call requirement and record meaningful data.

Billing Patients & Third-Party Payers

We make every effort to contract with all relevant third-party payers and establish uniformity of the billing practices established by each facility.


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