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AisthesisPartners.com Email

Email this year will be used for:

Secure communications including :

Reviewing billing records
Applications, forms and Certificates
As part of your 2017 bonus calculation.

The expectation is that you can now use @Aisthesispartners.com from any mobile device.

The  major problem with this has always been accessing the account to reset a password or unlocking a lost password or locked account.

We now have a tool for doing this from any mobile device:

It is now possible to operate your AisthesisPartners Email entirely from a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet.

o This includes renewing your password – which has to be done every 90 days – and unlocking your account should you be locked out.
o To do either you will visit a new page of our website :


o You can use any internet browser installed on you device – such as Safari or ‘Internet’.
o On the first occasion you visit this site you must enroll, using your aisthesispartners ID and a current or temporary password. Everyone who is not current will get a text and /or email with your correct id and a new password. ( The convention for ID’s on the new site is first initial followed by last name – no extra “MD”)
o The enrollment is detailed in a .PDF available here, but in brief it involves completing a simple “CATPCHA” verification code and picking secret answers to a panel of security questions.
o Once enrolled you will always be able to revisit this page using a browser to reset your password.
o There is an OPTIONAL app available at both the App store or the Playstore which you can install on your device and which might make process easier still – but installing it is a bit of a pain: you can get help from infostructures with installation if you need it . This app is detailed in the attached .pdf. However you can also put a shortcut to the internet page on your home screen and for most people this will be the easiest choice

  • There is a more complete set of instructions from Infostructures with screenshots – HERE.
  • You can always call Infostructures for help on this :

InfoStructures Helpdesk |  ServiceDesk
Office: 301.417.7171, Option 1
Email: helpdesk@infostructures.com


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