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Aisthesis (pronounced “aze THEE sis”) is the Greek root word for anesthesia. Aisthesis is the leading management services organization which delivers the very best in anesthesia care in ambulatory surgical centers, physician offices, specialty and acute care hospitals.
Aisthesis began its services in the early 1990’s when our initial medical practice, Safe Sedation, formed. Since then we have welcomed Professional Anesthesia Consultants and Outpatient Anesthesia Specialists under the aegis of Aisthesis. Our anesthesia providers perform over 88,000 cases each year throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia.

Each partner facility is staffed with experienced anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists dedicated not only to excellent outcomes but also to client service. Aisthesis also develops full anesthesia services including assistance in pre-operative screening for anesthesia risk factors as well as recovery from anesthesia on site. We devote considerable resources in recruiting the professionals with both the right skill sets and teamwork orientation that fits the unique needs of each center.

All three of our medical groups are led by an experienced and practicing anesthesiologists who serve as the Medical Directors. Under this leadership we ensure that the entire anesthesia team is kept current with advanced airway techniques and latest innovations in anesthesia delivery while affirming their skills and competencies. Our comprehensive clinical policies and procedures as well as standardized anesthesia records allow each of our partner facilities to fully comply with state regulations and national accreditation agencies. A rigorous quality assurance program including benchmarked outcome measures, patient satisfaction, surgeon evaluations and peer-reviewed medical documentation, provides further evidence of our excellence.

Aisthesis offers our centers a variety of contracting options and ancillary services for anesthesia care, designed to meet each client’s specific needs. Aisthesis’s mission is to deliver the safest possible care to each of our patients and to provide a service that exceeds expectations at every opportunity.

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