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Our Approach

We collaborate with the practices we serve to create comprehensive and enduring anesthesia care service plans. We bring deep, clinical expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective as we capture value across clinical and administrative operations.

Each of the anesthesia solutions we create is unique and designed to withstand change. Our solutions are also structured to address our customers’ most critical issues and opportunities including: delivering quality clinical care, reliable staffing to meet the scheduling needs, billing and collecting, recruiting, credentialing, and managing operations.

We strategically build and deploy our anesthesia care solutions by:

  • Identifying drivers for change in existing anesthesia care
  • Reviewing past anesthesia care plans
  • Measuring present operations
  • Evaluating the regulatory climate and local insurance providers
  • Developing long- and short-term goals
  • Establishing an implementation timeline
  • Identifying and credentialing a team of anesthesia providers with appropriate expertise
  • Educating and training our partners about the transition

Once we have implemented our solutions, we track the progress of our partners and regularly measure our performance.  We adjust our plans and revisit goals with our partners whenever necessary. We do whatever we can to help our partners achieve their vision.

For more information about our approach to providing anesthesia care solutions, please contact Kelly Chambers at KChambers@aisthesispartners.com.

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